Video: Shakira "Loca" ft. Dizzee Rascal

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So we wouldn’t usually have a video alert for anything Shakira. Not because we hate Shakira, per se (she’s too smiley and adorable to hate). But because she’s already got it all. She doesn’t NEED our love (and her recent stuff has been fairly shiteous). Sorry. But when word got out that she’d be collaborating with Brit rap star, 2003 Mercury Prize winner, and all-around dueter-of-choice, Dizzee Rascal, things got a little more interesting to our ears. Not to say “Loca” is a classic by any means. Quite the opposite. Plus, we wish we had us some more Dizzee in the mix. Instead we get gold lame pants, a skeletacular Shakira, a pop-off with a beachgoer, and somehow the sand suddenly turns into a trampoline. Iiiiinteresting. Doesn’t matter. It’ll be remixed to death and in the Miami clubs in no time.