Free Download: She's a Tease "Fiebre De Jack" (Uchafu Remix)

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I have a confession to make. If you follow my posts on Remezcla you’d easily figure out that I’m deeply into cumbia, hip-hop and the combination of both. What few know and even fewer might assume is that I have a secret fetish for late ’80s/early ’90s synth pop (I’m a closeted Erasure fan) and current music that harkens back to that era of pure techno naivety.

So, when I first heard the original “Fiebre de Jack” by She’s a Tease it was like running into that girl I had a crush on in middle school but I was too shy to pursue it and then lost touch with her and now I secretly stalk her on Facebook and she still looks oh so splendid.

I didn’t dislike any She’s A Tease songs, but “Fiebre de Jack” is definitely my favorite. It sounds like New Order reincarnated in Mexico City, and that’s a great thing.

Anyway, this one here is a remix done by a chilango DJ who goes by the catchy name of Uchafu Yaak Calakmul. He enhanced the dance potential of the song by focusing on the beats and the retro synths, and distorted the vocals by over-layering them to the point of making them incomprehensible, so you don’t get distracted trying to sing along and just dance. Good thing, from a DJ point of view, but it didn’t give me the goosebumps of the original.

Nevertheless, download Uchafu Yaak Calakmul’s take on She’s a Tease’s “Fiebre de Jack.” Also, watch/listen to the original below.