Siete Catorce and Trillones Release "…" EP, A Glitchy, Warm Electronic Collision

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

What we have here is two of the most inspiring electronic outfits active in the world right now joining forces for a release that is part split, part collaboration, and all-around amazingness.

The Mexicali twosome have been very active on their own recently. Marco Gutiérrez has recently collaborated with Erick Rincón, and with his alter ego Den5hion, just played the Ceremonia fest. For his part, Polo Vega is still riding high with the Naive Again EP, doing videos, and also releasing shooting star-like tracks that disappear overnight; only the most dedicated have been at the ready to snatch them. Thankfully, this new EP is not temporary.

The EP features two solo turns before the main course. Gutiérrez’s contribution is a noisy, minimalistic joint, and has some piano stabs to color the soundscape. Vega’s track is more rhythmic but still spare, with some industrial machinery-like noises dominating almost half of it before smoother sounds and digitally-processed gibberish take over. The last track sees both artists pouring their talents into a culmination of the previous two tunes. On this one, there’s plenty of drone, glitchy rhythms, and warmer sounds; things turn darker at some point before the rhythm picks up and a funky melody appears.

This EP, released today, has a photo by Héctor Banda for a cover, designed and retouched by Siete Catorce. Don’t be fooled by the price, it can be yours for much much less.

Click through the image to check out the EP.