Free Download: Silvana Kane – "Cruces"

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La Jardinera marks the solo debut of the acclaimed global pop ensemble, Pacifika‘s singer, Silvana Kane. Born in Lima, Peru to a family of musicians, Silvana Kane has spent a lot of her life traveling and moving from city to city which has definitely influenced her global perspective. La Jardinera is quite a homage to her grandmother, and above all, the Peruvian afro-traditions and musical heritage that has fueled and motivated the celebrated cantante.

Released on Six Degrees Records, the album packs in covers from Kane’s favorite Latin American singers and composers, including Chabuca Granda, Mercedes Sosa and Violeta Parra. Encompassing themes of love and revolt, restoration and quiet peace, the album is jazzy, quaint, personal and political all at the same time.

On this single, “Cruces,” Kane’s sincerery, her softness and serene approach to music caries a clear message, a hypnotic melody set against trilling guitars and warning trumpets. She asks, “What’s happening to us? Why don’t we feel anything anymore?” Against the backdrop of noise and lights and modernity, what has happened to our humanity? Hard questions for a such a tranquil album and lulling track.

Silvana Kane’s solo effort, La Jardinera, drops Nov. 13th, with accompanying tour dates around the planet pending. Her beauty and poise are not to be passed up.