Mueran Humanos premiere epic new anthem, El Círculo

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Argentinian duo based in Berlin, Mueran Humanos made our list of the top 30 tracks of 2012 with their darkwave vibes. Known for their artsy and experimental music, Mueran Humanos are back with a new single, El Circulo from their new 12” vinyl released on Vanity Case Recordings. On their new single they continue to explore the mysterious soundscapes they are really good at creating. El Circulo is an epic song slightly over 8 minutes that entrances you upon the first note with its post-apocalyptic sounds that build up with whirling guitars, keyboard samples, synth loops and ominous harmonized lyrics that almost feel like chants and rants about being born to walk barefoot over the heads of kings and not being able to breathe our air. It’s the perfect anthem for the end of the world or perhaps the perfect soundtrack to start to a new futuristic one. Either way, you will be transfixed by Mueran Humanos’ brooding innovative music.