These 6 Mexican American Artists Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with a Special Tribute to Lydia Mendoza & Thee Midniters

Lead Photo: Illustration by Jesse Jaramillo
Illustration by Jesse Jaramillo
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While the COVID-19 global pandemic may be putting a stop to the full celebration, Tecate is making sure we’re ready to shout “el grito” and assembled a virtual event that celebrates Mexican Independence Day by paying tribute to two pioneering figures of Mexican American music and the places they represent by linking them with their current spiritual descendants.

Los Angeles Lindo y Querido will pay homage to Thee Midniters, one of the earliest contributors to the rock n’ roll genre and originators of Latin soul. As one of the most prominent acts hailing from East L.A, Thee Midniters paved the way for artists such as Los Lobos and Tito y Tarantula and gave musical voice to the Chicano movement in the ‘60s and ‘70s thanks to their tracks like “Chicano Power” and “The Ballad of Cesar Chavez.” Their brand of rock, soul, and Latin American music can be heard on acts like Jasper Bones, Inner Wave, and Avalon Lurks, who will be playing live on the streaming event.

Illustration by Christin Apodáca
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On the other hand, Texas Lindo y Querido focuses on Lydia Mendoza, the founder of Tex Mex music who pioneered the style in the 1930’s with her attitude and unique voice. Her career is ground zero for all the music made by Latinxs in Texas, represented here with such varied artist like the melodic regional stylings of Bobby Pulido, the queer pop folclórico of Gina Chavez, and the punk norteño sound of Piñata Protest, all of which will be present here.

What makes the Tecate celebrations unique is that they are holding high unsung figures of Mexican American music that seldom get the recognition to celebrate their life and legacy like the heroes they truly are. Additionally, each date will release a new version of the anthem “Mexico Lindo y Querido” with lyrics made to reflect each region it represents. L.A. will bring us an acoustic version of the song from Angel Salgado of Chicano rock steady crew The Delirians, while the Texas version will be handled by Piñata Protest.

This two day virtual event taking place 15 and 16 September will bring festivities to Tecate Live!’s YouTube and Twitter channels. Check out the livestream’s below:

For L.A.:

For Texas: