Video: Ski Beatz ft. Los Rakas – "Mr. Miyagi"

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I’ve said it once. I’ll say it a million times. Hip hop is about grit and grime. And Los Rakas have stayed consistently grounded on their grind since I first heard their very ’90s gangsta-rap influenced flow some time ago. I’m not sure where these homeboiz was going with it when they decided to do that very MTV-esque, sellout, mainstream, love sick song, “Enamorado De Ti” (Off Raka Love), but we’ll forgive Los Rakas for their tragic, heterosexual hyper-sentimentalities. The point is, Los Rakas’ controversial ghetto demons have done it again. Though, we’ve deliberated at Remezcla if these boys have gone off the deep end, I’m convinced they’re just doing their thing the only way they know how. On their latest video “Mr. Miyagi,” our sexy S.O.B.’s team up with Ski Beatz on a very slow winding hit. They ain’t no shame to these thugs game. Just the way I like it. Mmmmmm.

[insert-video youtube=fvCvNwzsYvE]