Snag These Two Puerto Rican Punk Debuts On Cassette Store Day

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Two Puerto Rican punk acts are getting the cassette treatment as part of this year’s Cassette Store Day celebrations—and both mark debut releases.

Hometown label Discos Diaspora will deliver P.I.F.F., the solo EP of Johnny Otis Dávila, (former Dávila 666 member); and Reanimadores, a band that’s been around for nearly seven years, will finally have physical tunes for sale courtesy of Burger and Wiener Records with Me Das Asco.

For the uninitiated: Yes, Cassette Store Day is a thing. It happens annually, and this year’s festivities go down this Saturday, Oct. 17. Whether you subscribe to the revival of cassette culture or not, any lover of independent music can appreciate its purpose. Like Record Store Day, it’s a celebration of the underdogs via boatloads of limited-edition releases unveiled at shows and shop events all over the world.

Founded by UK labels Sexbeat, Suplex Cassettes and Kissability in 2013, this go ’round is only the second for the US. Naturally, Burger Records, which built its ever-growing empire on cassette reissues, holds the reins stateside, with subsidiary label Wiener also on board.

In Puerto Rico, cassette collectors can head to Discos Diaspora’s all-day event to pick up Johnny Otis’ tunes, plus other special releases on the same label, like a tape reissue of Campo-Formio‘s debut LP and a cassingle from Matotumba.

For more Cassette Store Day events around the world, see the full list by location here. And if you can’t find one near you, check online—this year, labels are permitted to sell online the day of, rather than waiting until the week after.