Soda Stereo is Getting a Cirque Du Soleil Tribute Show in 2017

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It’s been almost a year since Gustavo Cerati’s passing, but the music he created with his highly influential trio Soda Stereo still looms large in our cultural memory. Now, he and his fellow Stereonauts, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti, will join the ranks of some of music’s biggest —the Beatles and Michael Jackson— by getting the Cirque Du Soleil treatment. This will be the first time Cirque du Soleil has based a production on a Latin artist.

The company, which changed the concept of what a circus could be, is taking Soda Stereo’s music and building a larger than life show around it, with part of the band’s history as the background, as well as the Buenos Aires they grew up and played around in. The project has the blessing of Bosio, Alberti and Laura Cerati, Gustavo’s sister, who revealed that they have been negotiating with CdS and Argentine company PopArt Music for the past two years to make this happen. Both Zeta and Charly have shared some details on the forthcoming show, adding that they will personally remix music for it, spanning from their earliest recordings to their latest, and (fans, this is where you lose it) it will feature Soda music that has never been released before.

The show is slated to debut March 2017 in Buenos Aires. After the initial run, Soda Stereo Imagined By Cirque Du Soleil (it’s not clear if this is a working title or the official one) will tour in other Latin American cities.

Check out a teaser below.