Free download: Sonido Desconocido 2 – "Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero" (G-Flux remix ft. Boogat)

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Super talented Gustavo Naranjo, better known as G-Flux (or GFlux) has worked his production magic once again. This time, he’s teamed up with Mexican electrocumbia duo, Sonido Desconocido 2 to create this stellar remix of “Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero.”

Sonido Desconocido 2’s new single “Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero” is a track from the band’s upcoming debut record, Tropic Quasar. GFlux’s interpretation of this track adds elements of hip hop and experimental trinkets of salsa and dance music to the original track. Featured Latin rapper from Montreal Canada, Boogat brings new energy to Sonido Desconocido 2’ somewhat minimal music style and turns “Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero” into a sexy dance track.

G-flux has once again outdone himself and showed great taste by bringing Boogat onto this remix project. Check out and download for FREE “Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero – GFlux Remix (Feat. Boogat)” for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Sonido Desconocido 2 – Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero – GFlux Remix (Feat. Boogat) by spacecumbia