Free Download: Sonido Desconocido II – Trópico Quasar Remixes (+ video)

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I don’t really know why this Mexican ñu-cumbia duo decided to name themselves Sonido Desconocido II. I mean, it’s the II part of it that intrigues me. Are they like a sequel to a previous Sonido Desconocido? Are they the middle chapter in a trilogy? Or is it like that ’80s cult movie Troll 2, which wasn’t actually a sequel, but had the “2” added to make it seem more important?

Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Maybe they just like the number two, or maybe it’s not a two, maybe they are two capital i’s. The thing is they are getting ready to drop their highly anticipated official debut album and in the meantime they put together this collection of remixes that includes the one by G-Flux and Boogat that we already gave away here not too long ago, plus a bunch of new ones (ten total!).

This free digital release was compiled and distributed by the Spain/Germany-based Caballito Netlabel, pioneers of the ñu-cumbia and tropical bass on that side of the Atlantic, and Caballito’s Bigote did the remix that later became the colorful, psychedelic video posted below. Now when the official album finally comes out I hope it includes a booklet with the story behind that mysterious roman numeral…

[insert-video youtube=YenMw7mT4pQ]