Free Download: Sonora Longoria's Discography (2010-2012)

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Peligrosa crew member Sonora Longoria has a very special treat for the new year. The DJ/producer is giving away his discography released during 2010-2012 for free via his website. Think of it as a very-belated Christmas gift or slightly-belated Reyes Magos gift.

The songs available for free download range from remixes, instrumentals to dub mixes of Zuzuka Poderosa, Los Rakas, World Hood, and Diplo plus a few originals by Sonora himself. And this is just the list of official releases. There are also plenty of unofficial releases to choose from including tracks by Lil’ Wayne, Calle 13, Aaliyah, Frikstailers, Mexicans With Guns, Manu Chau and more.

Sonora – Vol. 1

Sonora – Vol. 2

Sonora – Vol. 3

Sonora – Official Releases

Austin-based Peligrosa crew had a very busy year last year including marking their five year anniversary this past December. Within the past years, we’ve also teamed up with them for wild parties during SXSW, and members of the crew including Sonora dropped numerous tracks throughout the year. Orion and King Louie even swung by the office for a chat.