Soundcloud Selects: Top 5 Picks This Week

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Our new series, Soundcloud Selects, takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

DJ Kenny D – “The Dominican Day Parade Mixtape”
This past Sunday, Dominicans from all five boroughs descended upon 6th Ave in Manhattan for the Dominican Day Parade. For those of you who missed it, you can capture all the celebratory sensations with this mix by Kenny D. This mix goes through dembow, mambo, a bit of bachata, salsa, and fuck it, hip hop, why not right? Dime klk? –Margo Gomez

Soundcar is a genre of music that came out of the car/audio culture of Latin America in places like Caracas and Buenos Aires. Think teens with souped up car audio systems completing for the coolest, loudest system on the block. Low end frequencies had to be amplified to get the whole street vibrating. Young producers basically ended up making short 1:30 long tracks that are basically all sub bass and a few scattered synths and percussive elements to play in their cars. We would only play this in our cousin’s Honda Civic. –MG

Skygaze – “After Sun”
I got this one off of Top Cats. Them dudes are kreeey… Elzie’s crew is unstoppable and if you don’t believe me, follow them on Soundcloud. If you dig Soulection’s efforts, Top Cats are your new blood. This Skygaze track got me all stupid, then I went on to check his profile and it turns out he’s from Gijón/Madrid, which is awesome. Instant Soundcloud crush! –Eric Gamboa

Paul Marmota – “Cora”
Chile’s Paul Marmota, who’s been living in Mexico’s Federal District for quiet a while now, without a doubt has dramatically gone from making-sexy-love music, to obscure caribbean rhythms and dystopian vibes. It’s almost as if something possessed his old self and has now taken over what was left of Paul. Nothing bad, really. People change. This is “Cora”, a futuristic calypso-influenced track. –EG

Tyler, the Creator – “Domo 23 (Siete Catorce Remix)”
Crybabies will throw shade at this one, but I totally picture myself banging my head to this Siete Catorce grimey tribal bootleg. I must also remark that this tune is one of those awkward gems that’ll definitely work wonders for those who DJ “peripheral sounds” and love to go eclectic.