Soundcloud Selects: Top 8 Picks This Week

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Soundcloud Selects takes you through our top picks this week from the online platform’s forever-scrolling catalog of remixes, edits, bootlegs, unofficial releases, mixtapes, and more.

Sabine Blaizin – “Live@iBomba”
Beto & Ushka of Brooklyn’s initimate Latin & Global monthly, iBomba, brought in DJ Sabine Blaizin of Oyasound to provide some deep cuts of Afro house and the new sounds of Afrotech. This is differentiated from the tribal house sounds of yesteryear (think Danny Tenaglia) in that these tracks are created, pressed, and distributed with love from African artists who are making waves in the dance scene on their own. -Marco Gomez

Derek Novah x Álvaro Díaz – “Main Chick”
Nothing new to hear here, except for the fact that Derek Novah & Álvaro Díaz lyrics sound way better than Kid Ink & Chris Brown’s over DJ Mustard’s production in Spanish. Totally nicer than the original one, no doubt. Still just as annoying for women, though! But a great song to dance to like a true douchebag at the club, nonetheless. -Eric Gamboa

Mazurbate – 11:05 min mark of #BABYWHORE mixtape
I have to take a late pass on this one, because this mixtape came out in July and our own Marco Gomez just brought it to my attention in his recent profile of Matthew Mazur. There is no tracklist on #BABYWHORE, so when I hit the 11:05 minute mark and heard someone spitting hot fire over Robin S’s “Show Me Love” I freaked out, repeatedly bodyrolled at my desk, and then went on a deep Google mission to figure out where it came from so I could give the artist(s) a MacArthur genius grant and all of the moneys. Turns out the track is by now-defunct Panamanian reggaeton group La Factoría, featured on their eponymous 2003 debut album. Rapper MC Joe’s delivery will give you El Chombo flashbacks (I half expected to hear an “El Gato Voladoooor” adlib somewhere on the track) and I mean that in the best way possible. As for the lyrics — I get the whole sexual reference they’re going for here, but it kind of just sounds like they’re singing about a yeast infection. Imma still dance to this alone in front of my mirror until further notice, though. p.s. the rest of the mixtape is pretty great too. -Andrea Gompf

Riobamba – “Grito”
The newest member of Dutty Artz, Riobamba, breaks loose from the contemporary mixfile with ‘Grito,’ an ode to her time spent in Bogota, Colombia that borders between sweaty dance mix and political call to arms. The mixtape opens with her original sound piece, entitled “Grito,” that highlights the campesino strikes that shut down Bogotá in 2013 as an outcry against multinational interference. The mix then becomes awash with new genres that blend old with new and the dark with the uplifting, featuring new tracks by Rizzla, False Witness, Imaabs, and some super secret selections. -MG

No Light – “Hey Ha”
The first thing that came to my mind when I first heard this bomb was: “Damn, this sounds like MATE and he probably hasn’t heard of No Light yet.” Turns out it was true, I personally asked MATE if he had anything to do or ever heard of DF’s newcomer No Light, and the answer was no. Actually, when I joked about “Hey Ha” sounding like some of his work, he said he wished I was right ’cause this kid sounds so damn fine. Heads up you guys, I can already see this dude all over Remezcla. -EG

DJ ZONE – “Triste As Fuck”
I’m really excited to hear these new blends of electronic music make their way into my sets: this track by DJ Zone is a cute blend of Reggaeton’s signature dembow drum patterns, Wiley’s Eski Clicks, and dark, moody hip hop samples that make me triste as fuck. -MG

Alison Valentine – “Pixie Dust (Faded Edit)”
Faded’s Jesus Torres claims he makes a refix everyday just so he can keep improving his skills. Sometimes he shares these beat rubs publicly and others times, just among his friends so he can get feedback. This time, I’m not going to hesitate in telling you it’s one of his best edits available yet. What the DF resident did to Valentine’s “Pixie Dust” has me drooling all over my keyboard right now. -EG

Dubbel Dutch – Hyperwine Refixes EP
Marc Glasser (aka Dubbel Dutch) released an EP of bootlegs and edits that have been all over his mixfiles and club sets around the world. These tracks are melodic, sunsoaked gems that can mellow out or hype up a crowd depending on when they’re played. -MG