Free Download: SXSW Playlist ft. Chikita Violenta & Le Butcherettes

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Our South by Southwest playlist is the best, but it’s not the only one. South by Southwest itself deserves some love, too. The festival takes place next week and to get you psyched to go or sad to miss it, they’ve released a 21-track playlist on iTunes. So ours might have more Hispanic bite, but the folks at SXSW tried to incorporate a little bit of sazón in theirs…by including two of the most American sounding bands in Mexico! Chikita Violenta and Le Butcherettes make an appearance on the playlist, along with indie darlings Toro y Moi, Bright Eyes, Dom, Glasser, and others. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

We do love us some Chikita Violenta though, so try and catch them on stage next week if you’re headed south. And download South by Southwest’s somewhat inclusive playlist on iTunes.