SXSW Day 2: Yes, Zuzuka. I do wanna make out with you.

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My feet hurt. Mostly from all the couch dancing that went on last night at our third XLR8R/Peligrosa party. I saw many things I can’t unsee. As I walked into Frank’s last night, Mexicans with Guns was feeding the souls of turntable heads in the house with amazing precision. His set was hard hitting and drew more and more people in as he went on. But the crowds truly gathered once and for all when Mistress Thunda, a.k.a. Zuzuka Poderosa, took to the mic and never looked back. Accompanying her was the provider of her new EP, Sonora Remezcla: Zuzuka Poderosa, the creator of our current favorite song “Thriller Beats,” the absurdly talented Sonora. The two took over and Zuzuka contained herself in a tiny circle, huddled by the humping masses. Phrases like “Do you like it hard?” “I just wanna grind” and “Do you wanna make out with me” were some of the choice sound bites of the night, as Zuzuka, like a sequined firecracker, unleashed carioca bass all over our faces. And yes, she did indeed grind, and her set concluded with an unexpected headbanger, “So dip motha fucka,” the adopted motto of the night, I suppose.

Moombahton Massive kept the momentum going and enlarged it somehow and that’s when shit got weird. Shirtless dudes on amps; water-dousing, spontaneous go-go dancers; excessive use of the phrase “mother fuckers;” mesh-clad Asians furiously booty popping; and so many flying tongues. But we all embraced the weirdness (not to say I partook…I’m quite shy). Dave Nada (sporting a very similar hair cut to mine…I don’t know what that says about either of us) then hyped up the crowd some more, but spinning a more Euro-style than before. And then came the man of the hour, Mr. Toy Selectah, Monterrey’s own, sealing the night with even more hype. There really wasn’t a sour note in the night, Sabo killed it, A-Mac killed it, Orion killed it. It was killed. Dead and buried.

But all this was merely the cherry, the day was spent with a double dose of Polock, first at the Yelp party at Betsy’s Bar and then at the Sounds from Spain showcase at Red Eyed Fly with Russian Red, Capsula, Depedro, Mujeres, and Telephunken. Polock played two super-charged sets, shocking considering their album sound is so subdued and leveled in a way. But there was more grit in their live set. And, oh yeah, David “Mother Fucking” Fricke was there and rocking out to them. Highlight. Capsula then came on and drew an even bigger crowd, channeling a ’70s rock vibe that was actually quite cool to watch.

Today I shall hang out with Chileans and drink some more FREE beer and then take a cab to the airport at 5 a.m. Hasta!