Spain's 2011 Indie Music Award Winners! El Guincho, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Javiera Mena & More!

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We’ve had our eyes peeled for Spain’s Premios de la Música Independiente, a UFI sponsored event, and were very excited about the nominations selected for this 3rd annual event. This year, Spain gave special attention to Chile, whose been cultivating and releasing some of the best Latin indie music of today. On Tuesday, June 21st, 2011, winners for Spain’s Indie Music Awards were announced. Audience from around the world partook in voting online for this years campiones.

This year, award categories were a colorful spectrum bringing music diversity from Chilean Artist of the Year, Spanish Artist of the Year, Best Mexican Artist, Best Pop Album, Best Rock Album, Best Hip Hop Album, Best Indie Label, Best Album Cover Artwork, to Best Spain’s Concert Hall. As for the nominated indie labels, there was Wild Punk Records, El Genio Equivocado, Lovemonk and Mushroom Pillow, and Elefant Records running with the prize.

We’ve also been followers of Mushroom Pillow’s artists, and many of them did get the big prize (read about the first three further down). And as promised, Mushroom Pillow and Remezcla offer you a special treat: A 10 TRACK SPECIAL COMPILATION: EL MIX VOL. 4: MUSHROOM PILLOW MIXTAPE ALL YOURS FOR FREE!

And if you missed out on the night of premio distribution and celebration of the best Latin indie music of today, here’s a recap of some of the ganadores‘ works of well deserved acclaim.


The four-piece, Barcelona-based electropop group Delorean took home some cake with Best Electronic Album for Subiza and Best Video Clip for “Real Love.” Their junior album offered a broad range of music experimentation and yet sounding so cool and simple, getting us all intrigued.

Hailing from Valencia, Polock rightfully earned Best Musical Production for their staggering raw slash weirdly-polished album Getting Down From The Treas. Claiming influences from different generations like The Beatles to Ariel Pink, and Television to Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, these guys also bring in a powerful sound paralleling that of The Strokes to Arcade Fire.

Spain’s most rockin’ band Triángulo de Amor Bizarro put out the best album Año Santo, and I’d say it’s fair to say it was a saintly year for this quartet. The intelligent, shoegaze-tinged, and thought-provoking record deals with religious and political themes and how the overlap can get a little hazy sometimes. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro took the world presenting us a new era of rock earning them more trophies than anyone this night for Best Rock Album, Album of the Year, Best Live, and Spanish Artist of the Year! All very well entitled to.

Barcelona-based, Canary Island-birthed, El Guincho (Née Pablo Díaz-Reixa) received praise and accolades from music critics worldwide, earning him Best Song of the Year for “Bombay” on Pop Negro. This track serves just the right amount of dissonance to go along with the island vibes that El Guincho is known for, and continues that electropicalia flare with a touch of sexy swag.

As for the winners from the honorary country, all five nominations for Chilean Artist of the Year were a close cut. Those included Anita Tijoux, Gepe, Dënver, Javiera Mena, and Perrosky. Anita Tijoux was certainly one of the two big female revelations of 2010 that crossed over from the Chilean scene to international notoriety. And it just was, the other femme Chilean music master Javiera Mena just happen to snag the Chilean Artist of the Year award.

As for Best Mexican Artist, Disco Ruido left garnered with the prize, while Nortec’s Panoptica and Rey Pila came to a close. Spain’s Pony Bravo also won receiving Artist Revelation, and the ethnical-hodgepodge rocker singer, Chile, Mexico, and France’ Anadowsky got International Artist of the Year.

Congratulations indie rockers! We applaude you from Remezcla.