Spain's Caballito showcases El Graveton compilation (Free)

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The coinage of a new musical genre used to be the exclusive privilege of influential music journalists back in the times when music journalism was still influential. With the digital music age came the democratization in the creation of neologisms and now anybody can claim (with more or less serious intentions) they invented a new musical genre (by combining two or more existing ones) and make up a word to refer to it.

The good guys from Caballito Netlabel in Granada, Spain, mixed elements of ñu-cumbia, reggaetón, Latin American folklore, favela funk and dubstep and gave them an 8Bit treatment. Then they came up with this post-modern, epilepsy-inducing, fluorescent aesthetics to go with it, and they called the resulting mondongo graveton. Why not? If moombahton became the buzz word of the year in the Latin music blogosphere and even crossed over to the mainstream.

We could try to come up with a definition to explain what graveton is (besides the obvious: it leans heavily on the “graves” of the sound spectrum: the bass) but why waste time with words when you can download it for free and listen. This humongous graveton compilation was put together by Caballito producers DJ Grita and Bigote Sucio and it includes many remixes done by this dynamic visually-distorted duo (they don’t really like to show their faces on the photos) plus many voluntary contributions by friends from both sides of the Atlantic, including many familiar names in the global electropical scene.

Download the compilation (by clicking on the zebra gif artwork below) and expand your vocabulary with one new word: graveton. Also make sure you check out their blog for more free downloads.