Spotify’s “Baila Reggaeton” Playlist Was #3 in the World This Year

Lead Photo: Photo: Adrian Gutierrez
Photo: Adrian Gutierrez
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I always look forward to Spotify’s end-of-year data, even though it’s rarely surprising (I mean even my mom could have guessed that Drake would be the most-streamed artist in the world this year – a factoid that basically every music outlet picked up).

This year, though Spotify’s Year in Music lists were mostly filled with the usual suspects (favorites like the aforementioned Champagne Papi, as well as Rih-Rih, Biebs, and Major Lazer), there was one item that stood out to us: Among Spotify’s top 5 global playlists, “Baila Reggaeton” came in #3 in the world.

Created by Spotify Español, “Baila Reggaeton” has nearly 1.7 million subscribers and is filled with over six hours of regularly updated reggaeton hits. Also, not to worry: despite its concise description (“Daleeeeee!!!”) there is limited Pitbull on this playlist.

Listen below to see what has the whole world perreando:

Update 12/3: A prior version of this article incorrectly listed the subscribers at 1.3 million, when it is actually at 1.7 million. It has been updated to reflect the change.