Spotify Says Mexico City Is the Music Streaming Capital of the World

Lead Photo: Photo by Getty Images
Photo by Getty Images
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The streaming revolution has transformed music as we know it, but it seems it’s made a particularly important impact on Latin America. As we’ve written before, Latinos are changing the face of music consumption across the globe, with tons of music industry personnel making business decisions based on their listening habits.

Perhaps no other city in Latin America evinces this transformation as profoundly as Mexico City. On November 19, Spotify declared the Mexican metropolis the world’s “music streaming capital.” In a new report, Spotify analyzed average monthly listeners and examined listener data across the city. According to its research, the city boasts the platform’s largest global listener base after the app launched there in 2013.

Their data also shows that international artists continually rely on Spotify data when making tour stops, and major artists like The Pixies and Gorillaz gain hundreds of thousands monthly listeners from the city’s residents. For example, in mid-November, the Pixies played to a crowd of 100,000 fans in the Zócalo and saw a 346 percent increase in their streams a week before the concert. And at 145,995 monthly listeners, Mexico City boasts the band’s largest Spotify fan base.

As we’ve reported before, musicians from across Latin America are moving to Mexico City in droves, thanks in part to its bustling music scene and well-developed industry infrastructure. Spotify’s massive presence in the city is just one part of Latin American artists’ success there.

Check out the full report from Spotify here.