Stretch & Bobbito Are Back With a Project That Unearths Freestyles From Biggie, Jay Z & Members of Wu-Tang Clan

Lead Photo: Photo by Janette Beckman. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Janette Beckman. Courtesy of the artist
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Hip-hop O.G. DJs and radio personalities Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito García are dusting off some gems from their time as rap tastemakers in the ’90s to make new music out of it. The first installment of a new series of EPs gives us some vintage heat paired with contemporary flavor.

Freestyle Vol. 1 features The Notorious B.I.G, Big L + Jay Z, and Wu-Tang members Method Man and Ghostface Killah improvising on the mic and backed by recently recorded music that captures the magic of New York in that era, thanks to the The M19s Band. These recordings were made by digging through the duo’s collection of freestyles taped during their time at WKCR at Columbia University. They have been carefully remixed and remastered to bring the music up to date.

As part of their legacy as preservers of hip-hop, Stretch and Bobbito are bringing the same attitude that helped them break new artists to hundreds of ears, including legends like Nas, Eminem, and the aforementioned Jay Z, among many others. To further expand this venture, two more EPs will follow into 2021.

Stretch and Bobbito have also launched a new show on October 22 through Apple Music that focuses on rescuing vintage freestyles to mix and match with rare instrumentals from all across the genres. Should be a delight for old-school heads who are thirsty for new music.

Check out The Freestyle Vol. 1 as well as the video for the video of the cut by Method Man and Ghostface Killah.