Free Download: Suns of Beaches' "Don't complicate your life"

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You read the words sun, beaches, and Dominican Republic in the same sentence and what kind of music comes to mind? If you’re anything like me, chances are you imagine some tropical blend of Afro-Latin beats, something sensual like bachata or as hyper danceable as merengue, maybe some cheesy summer one-hit-wonder with a catchy chorus to sing along to. If that’s the case, you’re in for a big surprise.

Yes, Suns of Beaches (no relation to that Baywatch spoof from the early ’00s, Son Of The Beach) are originally from a paradisiacal corner of the tropical island (where members Arturo Dickson and Charles Garmendia probably grew up near the beach), but their music sounds a lot more like their adoptive new home: Brooklyn, NY.

Very little else is known about these guys. The song featured here, “Don’t complicate your life,” is also the only one on their MySpace page player and their so-called bio is so cryptic (and literary pretentious) that I couldn’t read passed the second line. I sense that they have some capricious artsy aspirations and they like old-fashioned rock and some sonic experimentation, since there’s more than just regular ol’ rock in this song. But I don’t get why the only press I was able to find on them comes from the news bulletin of a Dominican millionaire community. But wait, that might explain all of the above!

Anyway, download this FREE promo track and try solving the mystery yourself.