Free Download: Sunsplash's "Fiera de Vinil"

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When you hear “Fiera de Vinil” by co-ed duo Sunsplash, you can’t help but think you’re caught in a neon-colored world of beaches and bikinis, a mix of bailefunk and indie-electronica, purely cropped from South America with some Brooklyn soaked in for size. Sunsplash sounds wet. Whether ocean-wet or sweat-wet, you emerge from the song completely dripping.

The Venezuelan twosome are crafty in their creations. With “Fiera de Vinil” they’ve jam-packed a two-minute, 40-second song with an arsenal of elements: Portuguese, Spanish, dog barks, chants, synthesizers, ’90s-style techno pop, and the constant reminder of “splash, splash, splash, baby!” As soon as it ends you want more beach, more music, more Sunsplash. Pretty irresistible stuff.

Get wet with Sunsplash’s “Fiera de Vinil” below for FREE.