Video: Super Guachín – "La Gorra"

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Mutant zombies, corrupted cops and a corporate conspiracy are all elements of this new video for ZZK Records newest addition, Super Guachín. These guys love video games but are nothing like regular gamers, they actually tweaked their old-school gaming consoles to make music with their 8-bit sounds and the result is this sort of abstract retro-futuristic alien cumbia that fits perfectly next to the most adventurous ZZK artists like Frikstailers and Chancha Via Circuito.

The video, of course, had to be done in a style that reflects their inner geekiness and they wisely went for the Atari-era video game graphics. “La Gorra” (local slang for the police) is the first single out of their ZZK debut Piratas & Fichines, available now on all digital music vendors (and ). If only we were holding a joystick while watching this…

[insert-video youtube=ISQQFPcX4uM]