Superaquello is Back

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Those quirky, wacky, androgynous, dramáticos musicians (and personal favorites) known as Superaquello are back! Not only are they releasing a new album, but are also giving the first 6 songs for free!!!

As announced on their web page, you’ll be able to download (most of) the amazingness de los Superaquellos’ new masterpiece,Superaquello Interpreta La Tarde,  right from your computah. You have to hurry though because it’ll only be available until April 20th (next Monday chicos). The complete album is expected to be out this summer.

Superaquello Interpreta La Tarde was born out of an attempted side project called (….you guessed it) La Tarde. Apparently, after Superaquello “dissolved” in 2005,  the muchachos, Eduardo Alegria (singer), Francis Perez (guitar) and Jorge Castro (guitar), were at work on this project when they said, “Que cara@#$, why don’t we just include Patricia [Davila, singer] and release it as Superaquello?”…and so they did.

The new tracks, ranging from catchy melodic indie-pop songs to anthemic “mightier-than-though” indie-pop songs, are a bit darker and less upbeat but feels a though as they’ve grown as musicians. This may have a lot to do with the fact that they’ve added a rhythm section to the mix, with Doel Delgado (bassist, ex-Rituales) and Eduardo Martinez (drums, ex- Trapnel). Original keyboard player Pablo Santiago, who now lives in Los Angeles, is not completely gone and will be collaborating from time to time.

Download (half of) Superaquello Interpreta La Tarde

As to that weird “guy” on the cover of the new album, I contacted Jorge Castro (one of the guitar players) and this is what he had to say: “That guy is really a girl, HA! No one has really noticed. That mustache can really be interpreted in many ways. My favorite is that it represents the sense of personal and musical maturity this album reflects, but as always, done with a bit of humor.”

Superaquello presented their new material at 2 sold-out shows at La Respuesta in their home town of San Juan (I mean Puerto Rico mi gente) but hopefully they’ll be heading to the U.S. real soon.  We can’t wait for the full album to come out, and if you haven’t already heard their past 4 albums (Julieta Venegas is a fan, “she” recently posted a comment on their MySpace) try to get a hold of  Mu Psiqui Ta (2002), Bien Gorgeous (2004), La Emergencia (2005), and the original film score for Puerto Rican film Ladrones y Mentirosos, which came out in 2006.

Superaquello performing at La Respuesta in San Juan, April 2009.