Sweet Electra Remix Contest

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Guadalajara duo Sweet Electra relocated to NYC a couple years ago, but now they’re abandoning earth altogether with their third and latest release, When We Abandoned Earth, a bilingual foray into trip-hop, electronica, and indie rock with Nardiz Cooke on vocals and Giovanni Escalera on guitar and programming. The album takes up where their last one, Cama, left off, and reflects their evolution as a band here in NYC.

The official album release party is this Sunday, September 13 at Joe’s Pub, as part of the annual Celebrate Mexico Now festival. Be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time, as we all know the space is tiny…

But in the meantime, the band is giving all you DJs out there the chance to remix “Love You More,” the first single off of When We Abandoned Earth, and will include the winning remix on their next album as a bonus track.

So here’s how it works:

1. Download and listen to “Love You More” here.
2. Download the song’s individual tracks here and work your remix eskills. (Note: the song is at 122 BPM.)
3. Send the final version to sweetelectraband@gmail.com by October 1st.
4. Remezcla readers will help vote for the best remix in October, and then:
5. The winning track will be played on BEAT 100.9 FM in Mexico City, and featured on SE’s next album

Suerte, DJs!!!!