SXSW 2012 Latin Lineup

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Planning on heading south this March? SXSW has just announced its line-up and there’s plenty of interesting upcoming Latino artist worth checking out, plus a few we are already acquainted with.

The list goes on and on, with tons of unfamiliar names of underground acts from all over the world that are trying to break in the US market through its main door. Among them we spotted 12 Spaniards, 9 Mexicans, 9 Colombians and 5 Brazilians, many of them, however sing in (almost) perfect English, so you wouldn’t be able to tell.

Some of them are very well known by Remezcla followers, like Mexico’s Torreblanca and Lila Downs, Spain’s Cápsula (who are actually Argentines living in Spain) and Colombia’s Quantic (who’s actually British, but Colombian by adoption). Also, our favorite, El Dusty (A.K.A. DJ Dus) from Corpus Christi, TX, will be representing locally raised Latinos. Other artists worth mentioning include Spain’s Telephunken and Canteca de Macao, Colombia’s Duran and Planes, Brazil ROGe and Copacabana Club and plenty other we have no idea who they are, but might surprise you… or not. Honorable mention for Italian rapper Jovanotti who has many fans in Latin America.

The 26th edition of SXSW will be taking place between the 13th and 18th of March in Austin, Texas, and besides the infinite amount of concerts, there’re trade shows and conferences for music industry professionals and wannabes.

More artists TBA soon!



Peligrosa (Texas USA), Antoine Reverb (Guadalajara MEXICO), Juan Cirerol (Mexicali MEXICO), Candy (Mexico City MEXICO), The Copper Gamins (Zinacantepec MEXICO), Dirty Karma (Mexico City MEXICO), Andrea Balency Trio (Mexico City MEXICO), Lila Downs (Oaxaca MEXICO), 3 Dudes & a Mullet (Mexico City MEXICO), Turbina (Mexico City MEXICO), Joe Volume (San Jeronimo Lidice MEXICO), Guadalupe Plata (Andalusia-Ubeda SPAIN), Mujeres (Barcelona SPAIN), Cápsula (Bilbao SPAIN), Vetusta Morla (Madrid SPAIN), Canteca de Macao (Madrid SPAIN), L.A. (Palma De Mallorca SPAIN), Dorian (Barcelona SPAIN), Xoel López (A Coruña SPAIN), Telephunken (Madrid SPAIN), ROGe (Rio De Janeiro BRAZIL), Black & Gypsy / Raimundo Y Diego Amador (Chucena SPAIN), Rosie and Me (Curitiba BRAZIL), Copacabana Club (Curitiba BRAZIL), Gabriel Santiago Quintet (Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL) Some Community (Sao Paulo BRAZIL), Sudakaya (Quito ECUADOR), V for Volume (Bogota COLOMBIA), Duran (Bogotá COLOMBIA), Ancestros (Cali COLOMBIA), La-33 (Bogota COLOMBIA), Mr. Bleat (Medellin COLOMBIA), Monsieur Perine (Bogota COLOMBIA), Quantic (Cali COLOMBIA), Planes (Bogotá COLOMBIA), Kali Mutsa (Santiago CHILE), Astro (Santiago CHILE), Los Rakas (PANAMA), Zuzuka Poderosa (BRAZIL/NYC), World Hood (Sacramento, CA), La Vida Bohéme (Caracas Venezuela) Patafunk (Caracas VENEZUELA), Bam Bam (Monterrey Mexico), DJ Dus aka El Dusty (Corpus Christi TX)

For complete lineup, visit SXSW’s Announced Bands site

Mexicali’s Juan Cirerol

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