SXSW 2012 Live Videos: Bam Bam, Astro, 3Ball MTY, Bomba Estéreo, Il Abanico & Dillon Francis

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Watching these live performance video recap almost brings a tear to my eye. Hey, who doesn’t like watching a zillion shows in a few nights consecutively? Yeah, our asses got some serious beatings from so. much. freakin. music. and every thing that comes with it, but it was aaalll worth it. And we can’t wait to do it again. Of course, we saw some mediocre shows, cause not everyone gots the cool or the skill, but  others, whoa! Minds blown. So in this feature, we wanna take you to some of the shows we dug which were all captured in a li’l experiment using ‘smart’ phones. You’ll recognize most of the names below. Welcome to SXSW!

All photos and videos shot by VidiVici TV

Bam Bam
Showcase: NaCo @ Flamingo Cantina

The celestial-esque t-wearing Monterrey indie rockers, otherwise called Bam Bam, BAMMED our minds with their hypnotic harmonies, otherworldly psych noise, and an interestingly almost motionless poise that some of the members honed. This made them all too intriguing to stare at them and trip out without actual psychedelics. Yeyy!

Get a glimpse of them performing “Metatrón, Hijo Estelar” off their lauded Futura Vía:

[insert-video vimeo=38652385]

Showcase: Nacional Records @ Maggie Mae’s

You know you also went shopping for some pointy ass boots at your local flee market — regardless if you were successful or not in obtaining some. When “Inténtalo” debuted last summer, the tune caused a contagious reaction spiraling to phenomenon-status for this hybrid, tweaked-out tribal guarachero genre (more like 8Ball MTY?). So stoked we stuck around to the end to get all grimy on that dance floor. And yes, folks, they closed with that classic mentioned tune. (Note: the asshole bouncers demanded the track to end prematurely…booo to those bouncers).

[insert-video vimeo=38815875]

Showcase: Sony Club @ Red 7 Patio

Feisty Colombian frontwoman Li Saumet gots so much fiyah. She was flaming, and I was (*cough cough*) drooling. After a couple years of hiatus and a few solo tracks here and there, the killer collabo of Li and Simon Mejia are back for a U.S. tour, and in the process of completing their upcoming album. Here at SX, the duo followed after a jazzy soul singer and got the floor bouncing. FUEGO¡¡¡

[insert-video vimeo=38815722]

Showcase: Nacional Records @ Maggie Mae’s

All you loyal Remezcla readers know we have a thing for Astro, and why shouldn’t we. Not only are they the sweetest (and cutest) Chilean quartet to step foot at SX, but get down and funky, en directo, with all those vintage synths and rockin’ electro riffs. Hey, it’s no surprise Nacional Records rushed to sign them to the label. So we await to see them at the LAMC (my high suspicion they’ll be there). Note: even though the quality of this video ain’t the greatest (boo technological difficulties), you still gotta check it out. Los ASROS en vivoooo!

[insert-video vimeo=38815812]

Showcase: NaCo @ Flamingo Cantina

The post pop quintet from Colombia by way of Boston crafted some gorgeous music that was like candy to our ears. Fronted by Juliana Ronderos, the woman sings as sweet as like humming a lullaby with cool catchy upbeat sounds backing her up. Real cool combo. They were the first to open up the show at NaCo, and yeah, it was a total delight. Check out what we shot.

[insert-video vimeo=38624371]

Los Angeles
Showcase: Mad Decent & Fool’s Gold @ Beauty Bar

Dillon Francis en la casa!! He ain’t just yer average white boy, he’s the shit. The LA-based moombahtonista turned that sardine-packed dance floor into a jungle fever of sweaty bodies and “luvstep” lovers, as he calls his music. We got a few seconds of his set to share, from the back. Boiiii, cause we wanted some room to dance, for what was left.

[insert-video vimeo=38815623]

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