Here are the Latino Artists Announced for SXSW 2015 So Far

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SXSW has released the second round of showcasing artists for the music section of this year’s festival, running March 17th – 22nd. Check out a list of the Latino talent featured below, with more announcements on the way in the coming weeks.

For the full list of acts due to appear, head over to SXSW’s website.

Artists included:

Agoraphobia (Boiro, Spain)
Agosto (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Matías Aguayo (Berlin, Germany)
Bomba Estéreo (Bogotá, Colombia)
Buenaparte (Lecheria, Venezuela)
Capitan Tifus (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Chancha Via Circuito (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Coffeehouse (Santiago, Chile)
Deers (Madrid, Spain)
El Freaky (Bogota, Colombia)
Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Karla da Silva (São Paulo, Brazil)
Javier Escovedo and the City Lights (San Diego, CA)
Diana Fuentes (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Ghost Magnet Roach Motel (Tijuana, Mexico)
Ibeyi (Paris, France)
La Mecánica Popular (New York, NY)
La Orquesta Vulgar (Mexico City, Mexico)
La Sabrosura Dura (Bogota, Colombia)
Los Aldeanos (Havana, Cuba)
Macaco (SPAIN) (Barcelona, Spain)
Mao Loading (Bogota, Colombia)
Marcelo Fruet & os Cozinheiros (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
The Mud Howlers (Mexico City, Mexico)
O Amor Existe (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Ocellot (Barcelona, Spain)
Oso Leone (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
The Parrots (Madrid, Spain)
Percance (San Jose, Costa Rica)
PUJOL (Columbia, TN)
Sexores (Barcelona, Spain)
Sonido San Francisco (Xonacatlán, Mexico)
Twin Shadow (Los Angeles, CA)
Txarango (Barcelona, Spain)
Zionstereo (Cali, Colombia)