Monte Negro Is Not Indie

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After the panel “Branding Latin Music for a Worldwide Audience” at the South By Southwest Music Conference (SXSW), we caught up with Kinski, lead singer from LA band Monte Negro, and he told us of his current projects and what, for him, is the definition of “indie music.”

Surprisingly, Kinski says he doesn’t consider his band to be “indie.” Monte Negro just got out of their record deal with Epic (they were the first bilingual band signed to the label) and are now planning on releasing an EP titled Fugitives of Pleasure, which will be out independently in July. At the same time, the band, like many Latin alternative acts, are looking for revenue in other non-traditionals ways such as licensing, in the US and abroad. Case in point: Monte Negro has landed a deal to have their music be the theme song for WWE’s Smack Down show in Latin America and Spain, plus they will be featured in an online campaign for Converse in Argentina.

A sell out? Or a way to survive? Let’s let Kinski explain:

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