A Free Supah Cool Playlist: SXSW Music Sampler

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Hear ye, oh thou colossal beast of Texas. We bow down to your massive ways, your overly exaggerated Tex-Mex foods, those who tackle them, thy Selena-like booties you habituate, thee grand folky pow pow ballads, and thee six day/night frenzied-out festival you instil every year. We especially salute you, SXSW.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and no one’s doubting that here. Hey, last year, our former lovely editor Paola told ya not to fuck with it in the No Jodas con Texas playlist, and we won’t. Continuing our ritual of honoring SXSW, the one that brings a ton of musicians, DJs, showcases, promoters, record label execs, journalists, fans, groupies, posers, sex, drugs, and rock & roll, we’re giving ya and exclusive FREE, 23-track playlist featuring 2012 SXSW performers, so you can listen to during your road trip to Austin.

Chile, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and more in da house representing some of the many sounds of electro synth, carioca bass, power pop, cumbia, flamenco, and boogie! Behold Brazilian baile funk Zuzuka Poderosa, Panamanian rap duo Los Rakas, Mexicali’s alt-norteño guy Juan Cirerol, Monterrey’s wunderkind rockers Bam Bam, Chile’s electro synth pop quartet Astro, Venezuela’s dance punk La Vida Bohéme, Chilean gypsy chanteuse Kali Mutsa, Chile’s singer/songwriter starlet Francisca Valenzuela and A LOT more.

Stream/Download our BIG BADASS TEXAS playlist. The SXSW Music Sampler!

[audio-player aws_file=”Antoine Reverb – You As A Fish.mp3″ aws_name=”Antonie Reverb – You as a Fish”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Campodonico -Complicated.mp3″ aws_name=”Campodonico – Complicated”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Astro – Colombo.mp3″ aws_name=”Astro – Colombo”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Kali Mutsa – Jauja.mp3″ aws_name=”Kali Mutsa – Jauja”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Bam Bam – Ragatron.mp3″ aws_name=”Bam Bam – Ragatrón”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Furguson – Holy Faith.mp3″ aws_name=”Furguson – Holy Faith”]
[audio-player aws_file=”La Vida Boheme – El Sentimiento Ha Muerto.mp3″ aws_name=”La Vida Bohéme – El Sentimiento Ha Muerto”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Patafunk and Slimmy Neutron – I Want To See You Again, Yo Quiero Verte Otra Vez ft Skip Rage.mp3″ aws_name=”Patafunk + Slimmy Neutron – I Want To See You Again ft. Skip Rage”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Kush Arora and Zuzuka Poderosa -Seda.mp3″ aws_name=”Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora – Seda”]
[audio-player aws_file=”World Hood – Mar y Mante.mp3″ aws_name=”World Hood – Mar y Mante”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Bomba Estereo – Cumbia Sicodelica.mp3″ aws_name=”Bomba Estéreo – Cumbia Sicodelica”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Ritmo Machine – Maestro.mp3″ aws_name=”Ritmo Machine – Maestro”]
[audio-player aws_file=”bang-data.mp3″ aws_name=”Bang Data – Bang Data”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Outernational – We Are All Illegals (feat. Tom Morello, Calle 13, Chad Smith).mp3″ aws_name=”Outernational – We Are All Illegals ft. Tom Morello, Calle 13, Chad Smith”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Los Rakas – Raka Love – 02 De Alante Alante Prod. by Raka Stylo.mp3″ aws_name=”Los Rakas – De Alante Alante prod. by Raka Stylo”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Prime Ministers – Far From Free.mp3″ aws_name=”Prime Ministers – Far From Free”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Torreblanca – Lobo.mp3″ aws_name=”Torreblanca – Lobo”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Francisca Valenzuela – Esta Soy Yo.mp3″ aws_name=”Francisca Valenzuela – Esta Soy Yo”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Juan Ciererol – Sentimental.mp3″ aws_name=”Juan Cirerol – Sentimental”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Za – Casamance2.mp3″ aws_name=”Za! – Casamance2″]
[audio-player aws_file=”Muchachito Bombo Infierno – Siempre que quiera.mp3″ aws_name=”Muchachito Bombo Infierno – Siempre que quiera”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Canteca de Macao – Nunca es tarde.mp3″ aws_name=”Canteca de Macao – Nunca es tarde”]
[audio-player aws_file=”Guadalupe Plata – Boogie de la Muerte.mp3″ aws_name=”Guadalupe Plata – Boogie de la Muerte”]