Teaser: Diana Fuentes' "Será Sol" [CUB]

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Most would agree that the name Eduardo Cabra (aka Visitante) is synonymous with Calle 13‘s distinctive “urban Latin” sound. But with his latest project, the renowned producer and musician is venturing into new territory: pop. Below, you can check out a teaser for his newest production, “Será Sol,” a joint artistic collaboration with singer-songwriter Diana Fuentes. “Será Sol” is the lead single off Fuentes’ second album, Planeta Planetario, which was produced entirely by Cabra and will fuse Afro-Cuban sounds ( a nod to her Cuban background) with pop, electronic music, folk and bolero.

If you like what you hear stay tuned – we’ll be releasing the track in its entirety exclusively on Remezcla on October 8th!