It all started with an LED light bar, and ended with hundreds of dollars in fines. On Wednesday, Tego Calderón was stopped and detained by the Puerto Rican police under suspicion of driving under the influence, only to be released soon after. Here’s a full breakdown of what went down.

According to reports from El Nuevo Día, the reggaeton artist was detained at about 10:30 p.m. on September 5 in Carolina, Puerto Rico, after he was pulled over for having an unauthorized LED light bar on his 1997 Jeep Wrangler. Axel Valencia, the spokesperson for the Puerto Rican police, told El Nuevo Día that officers noticed an open container in his vehicle (the police admit they could not confirm what type of beverage was in the container). Shortly after, he was taken into custody under suspicion of driving under the influence.

Jorge Hernández Peña, the director of the transit police in PR, informed El Nuevo Día that El Abayarde was released after passing a breathalyzer test, which found his blood alcohol content level at 0.52 percent. Given the fact that he was well below the BAC level for legal intoxication (.08 percent), officers determined that Calderón could not be charged with a DUI.

Instead, El Nuevo Día reports that he was fined for two transit violations. Calderón is expected to pay $100 for having an illegal LED light bar on his car, and another $200 for breaking the open container law in a vehicle.

Remezcla will update this post if more information becomes available.

H/T: El Nuevo Día