Video: Tego Calderón – "El Sitio"

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This only brings us at Remezcla dope memories of last year’s summer in NYC when Tego Calderón headlined our summer concert series at The Spot (meaning ‘el sitio’). We’d like to think we’re in some sort of telepathic communication mode with this legendary Boricua rhymer, and that we like to name events and song titles the same cause we O.G., like his album he released last month, The Original Gallo del País – O.G. El Mixtape. OK, let’s keep it real and relevant, and acknowledge that this featured video/single and album became the 2012 summer soundtrack on the Caribbean side, and also garnered the respect and attention of us folks over this side of continent. There’s no question that Tego continues to maintain the monumental title as one of the world’s best urban Latin rappers. Like his alias ‘El Abayarde’ represents something very dear to him given to him by grams, “El Sitio” similarly symbolizes a particular place he knows as ‘the spot’ which is a reality of his foundations and a narration of the everyday lives that Puerto Ricans of Santurce face, directed by Alexis Bousquet. Check it out:

Download Tego Calderón’s The Original Gallo del País – O.G. El Mixtape below: