The Afterlife According to Silverio, In His New Video “Salón de Belleza” ft. Otto Von Schirach

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Twitter: @kiddieriot

This video for the new single from His Imperial Majesty’s latest album Naylons is a weird-ass and surprisingly arty journey through a hellish and hilarious world.

Narrated (or imagined) by a cross-eyed kid, we can see Silverio snorting what appears to be rust from a filthy bathroom sink and rowing through a lake, then dying naked while stepping outside a plane. We see him go through the afterlife which (according to this video) is a dive bar where nightmarish visions of spit and spanking take place. All these occurrences are a mere taste of what happens in roughly six minutes of video time.

Directed by Nacho Villalongo, who is an Oscar nominee for his short 7:35 en la mañana (okay, it’s not surprising that the video is “arty” after all), this is quite the journey that has be seen to be believed. It’s also fun to sing along to the chorus of “vete al demonio / vete tú, idiota.”

Watch at your own risk.

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