An Emotional Journey Through YouTube’s Spanish Drake Covers

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So yesterday the world was exposed to “Odio,” the collab on Romeo Santos’ new album featuring, much to everyone’s (sometimes ironic) delight, Drake. What no one seemed to want to talk about, though, was that Dreezy was late to his own party: Spanish language Drake covers have been flooding YouTube since Take Care.

And here are some of the best ones.

Sensato – “The Motto”

Definitely the most high profile cover on this list, Pitbull’s protege takes on Drake’s flow. I give this one three amused Drakes.

Choice lyric: translating “erry day” to “k lo k.”

Mariosso Music – “The Motto”

So the above wasn’t Sensato’s first stab at this song.

Mariosso’s version gets mad respect for actually bothering to translate “erry day” to “to’ el día.” And yes, that is Sensato, back when he was still called “Sensato del Patio,” rapping the same verse he would later turn into a whole cover.

Choice lyric: translating “erry day” to “to’ el día.”

Four Drakes that are really feelin’ it.

Fuego & Amara la Negra – “Take Care”

Fuego and Amari la Negra go full mambo with this cover of take care, cementing Drake’s fate as a Latin dance legend.

Choice lyric: “It’s my birthday, I’ll get high if I want to” becomes “Es mi party y yo bebo si quiero”

Three Drakes staring into the future.

Fuego – “Fuego’s Room (Marvin’s Room)”

Fuego’s back again, giving this Drake track what it was missing the first time: really intense auto-tune. So, two disappointed Drakes.

Choice lyric: “Fuck that nigga that you love so bad / I know you still think about the times we had” becomes the decidedly more tender “Olvidate de ese hombre / Sé que no te ama como yo te amé.”

Fuego actually makes a Drake lyric more emotional.

Arcangel ft. De La Ghetto

Good translation. Good production. It’s good. It’s not as good as The Peronists’ Remix, but it’s good. Yeah.

Choice lyric: “Empezamo’ desde abajo y ‘stamo aquí / empezemos desde abajo está to’ mi combo aquí”

De La Ghetto – “Best I Ever Had”

Confession: I’m a huge fan of remixes that start by saying “this the motherfuckin’ remix,” because, like, how else would I know, right?

This one gets the award for Special Achievement in Translating Lyrics, and four Drakes who are smiling because they’re too young to know the pain of love.

Choice Lyric: Again, the Spanish version out feelings-es Drake. “Tu eres la mejor, tu eres la mejor / Haciendo el amor, haciendo el amor / no hay ninguna como tu, ninguna como tu, ninguna como tu, ninguna como tu”

La Mulata – “Versace”


Choice Lyric: (all of it)