Free Download: The Darcys – "I Got The News (Rey Pila Remix)"

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I love it when seasoned artists from south of the border get together, creatively, with artists from other lands. Canadian alt-rockers The Darcys have teamed up with ex-vocalist and composer of Los Dynamite, Diego Solórzano, for an interesting little experiment. With the release of The Darcys’ new LP titled AJA last week on Canada’s indie-darling label, Arts&Crafts, the band is on a roll. Teaming up with Solórzano, better known as Rey Pila, a tight remix would seem the next logical step in promoting the album, of course. As The Darcys explain, the LP is an “exploration of emotional space and the real and imaginary divisions within it.” But despite the confusing and intentionally abstract jibber-jabber, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the record. You can download the full LP, AJA for free on their website while downloading Rey Pila’s take on “I Got the News” below. The song drifts casually between the already spacey arrangements of The Darcys and Rey Pila’s own compositional clarity. This might be the best track to review all those haunting pictures of hurricane Sandy’s aftermath.