Video: The Dragulas – "Illy Godzilla (El Rey Tritón)"

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Why is it that all songs about underwater life have the same joyful feeling about them? I’m not talking about Sebastian’s “Under The Sea” in The Little Mermaid, although it applies to it too. I’m talking about songs like this one by Mexico City’s The Dragulas. Others come to mind: Entre Ríos’ “Salven Las Sirenas,” Plastilina Mosh feat. Tonino Carotone’s “La Sirenita,” and god forbid, even to a certain extent Mana’s “El Rey Tiburón.”

They all feel kinda like… gay. And I don’t mean it in a homophobic way. But you know what I’m talking about, right? Not gay in the sense of let’s-go-blow-each-other-through-a-glory-hole-in-a-public-restroom-stall. More like gay in the sense of let’s-party-with-our-shirts-off-after-taking-a-shower-of-sparkly-confetti.

Is that what being under the sea means to most people? I don’t know, but to me it’d be closer to a panic attack because you can’t really see what’s going to eat you. But maybe it’s just me and my addiction to the marathons of Shark Week. Uh! Ahí está el tiburón, el tiburón!

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