Free Download: The Echocentrics' "Esclavo y Amo"

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Guess which old school Latin music genre is making a comeback? Boleros! Yes, the music your grandma used to listen to while ironing grandpa’s shirts. Sixties boleros have that hypnotic factor that’s almost unintentionally psychedelic, which made them favorites among, not only oldies fans, but also some stoners and beat diggers.

The Echocentrics is a new side project by Adrián Quesada, the guy behind Grammy winners Grupo Fantasma, Latin funk jam band Brownout, and Thievery Corporation’s protégés Ocote Soul Sounds. Somehow, with so many projects going on, he found time to lead yet another one and recorded a whole album, Sunshadows, to be released on April 12th on Ubiquity Records.

Focusing on the retro sound of old telenovela boleros and with the help of two female singers, Natalia Clavier and Tita Lima, from Argentina and Brazil, respectively, The Echocentrics’ cinematic sound would be the perfect match for a Tarantino soundtrack. You don’t believe it? Listen for yourself.

Download The Echocentrics’ movie-ready cover of Peruvian band Los Pasteles Verdes’ “Esclavo y Amo” HERE for FREE. Listen below.