The Gaza Crisis: Where Does Latin America Stand?

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Photo via Business Insider

Since World War II, Latin America has been a refuge and new home for both Jews and Palestinians who fled during their respective Diasporas. Now with the crisis in Gaza reaching new, terrible levels, Latin American nations are declaring their official positions on the war. Here is a breakdown of all Latin American nations and their official responses to Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.


The government of Argentina, as of July 20th, has issued a statement condemning the actions of Israel, calling the siege on the Gaza Strip a “disproportionate, excessive use of military force.” [Source.]


The government of Bolivia has issued a statement as of July 30th, declaring the state of Israel a “terrorist state.” [Source.]


On July 25th, after the Brazilian Government issued a statement that vehemently opposed the current actions of the Israeli Government and withdrew their ambassador from the country, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor made remarks calling Brazil a “diplomatic dwarf.” [Source.]


The government of Michelle Bachelet summoned its ambassador in Israel during the Gaza conflict, saying that the Israeli operation had “breached fundamental norms in international humanitarian law.” [Source.]

Southern Gaza. Photo via AP


On 22 July, the Colombian government, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement condemning the attacks by both sides of the conflict and noting “the measures taken by Operation Protective Edge, likewise the launch of rockets by the Hamas, worsen the conflict and efforts of making peace.” Newly elected congressmen in Colombia have since shown their solidarity with the people of Palestine. [Source 1 and 2.]

Costa Rica

President Luis Guillermo Solís has issued a statement seeking an immediate ceasefire, following the bombing of a UN Shelter. [Source.]


No official statement, but has signed document to open an investigation of war crimes in Gaza with the UN. [Source.]


Ecuador has recalled its ambassador from Israel as of July 22nd, 2014. [Source.]

El Salvador

El Salvador has recalled its ambassador from Israel, making it the 5th nation to have done so from Latin America (following Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru). [Source.]

Photo: Lefteris Pitarkis/AP


No official statement, but has signed document to open an investigation of war crimes in Gaza with the UN. [Source.]


Along with Chile, Peru has removed their envoy from Israel as part of diplomatic condemnation of the Israeli offensive. [Source.]


Along with Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela, Uruguay has supported Palestine on Tuesday and condemned the “forceful” manner  and “disproportionate” use of force by Israel in the Gaza Strip. [Source.]


Venezuela was one of the first to condemn Israel’s offensive. On July 12th, president Nicolas Maduro has launched an “SOS Palestine” campaign to demand an end to Israel’s ongoing bombardment of Palestine’s Gaza strip. [Source.]

No Official Statements:

Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay.