The Line (La Linea)

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Two rival cartels jockey for power in La Linea. However, one man stands between their hopes for ultimate power.

"Hired assassin Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) is sent down to Tijuana. His prey: Pelon (Esai Morales), the newly installed head of the Salazar drug cartel. Moving the cartel’s business from cocaine to Afghan heroin, Pelon soon finds himself fending off enemies on the outside, as both Shields and the US government close in, and from within, as he becomes embroiled in a dangerous internal power struggle for ultimate control of the cartel. Meanwhile, Shields ends up with Olivia, a single mother fighting her own demons for the sake of her daughter.

Filled with action and suspense, "La Linea (The Line)" is a character study of the forbidding and desperate souls who inhabit the most dangerous city in North America." NYILFF

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