The Marías Share New Holiday Single ‘We’re The Lucky Ones’

Lead Photo: Photo by Bethany Vargas. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Bethany Vargas. Courtesy of the artist
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For those of you who still aren’t in the Christmas mood, The Marías have just the thing to get you in the right mindset—and it might make you shed a tear or two. The Los Angeles-band has spent 2020 dropping a list of hits, including the funkified “Hold It Together,” the soft-rock jam “Jupiter,” the bossa nova-tinted “Care for You,” and the dark R&B number “bop it up!” Now, they’ve chosen to close their year with “We’re The Lucky Ones,” a heartfelt celebration of life during these upcoming holidays.

Built with little more than an arpeggiated guitar, a remotely recorded string section, and María’s gorgeous voice, “We’re The Lucky Ones” is a balm for people around the world who have had a rough year, reminding us of the beauty of Christmastime and how grateful we should be to have made it this far.

Maria said in a press release, “Even though it’s my favorite holiday and immediately gives me a sense of warmth and nostalgia for happier times, it also makes me grieve for the ones who lost their lives and didn’t make it to Christmas. I feel like one of the lucky ones. We are all lucky to be alive.”

The song comes with a music video directed by Bethany Vargas, and it hits us right in our feelings. The video is mostly made up of old footage of the band members and their families enjoying happy moments, such as opening Christmas gifts, and it’s a joy to see them when they were kids. Present-day Maria is also shown looking at a doll house under the snow, and it all comes together to send any viewer down memory lane.