Free MP3: The Neon Rider's "Here With Me"

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The Neon Rider, popularized by TV drama of the same name aired 1989-1995, might be an adequate though mysterious title for a group of music makers that set out to blend the very best of funk, soul, and tropical music. Even more compelling than their reported New York to Mexico City pipeline, these two (Alex Trillo and Raul Martínez) make a dazzling pair. Their silky saten songs put you in that trance into the nirvana and ride out the melody into infinity. The bounce factor, never lost, pulls you along into a jungle of philosophies and manias. At the end of the 5 minutes, you’re left with this sensation of hollowed and slightly hallowed, void. You want more, but the music stops and all that’s left is the urge. The necessity to click on to more of their music drives you wild! You breath. You sign. You dance.

The Neon Rider – Here With Me by TheNeonRider