Download The Peronists' "Villa Alemana" (a version of Kraftwerk)

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There’s this urban legend (particularly popular here in the US) that Argentina is a country full of Germans, in particular Nazi Germans. Truth is that Argentina has way more Jews than Germans, in fact, Argentina has the largest Jewish population in Latin America, but nobody seems to care about real numbers, in the popular imagination, Argentina is pretty much the promise land of the Aryan race.

The origins of said myth date back to the times of the Second World War when Argentina remained neutral, ignoring the US demands to join the allies. And it’s true, many in Argentina back then sympathized with the Axis, because well, a huge chunk of Argentina’s population are Italians (not Germans) and Italy was on the opposing side of the conflict. But then you have Perón, the famous president of the post-war period who was allegedly a Muzzolini sympathizer and allowed many Nazi officials to find refuge in his country.

That’s it with the history lesson for today. But before you leave, kids, here we have a free track by an Argentine ñu-cumbia group called The Peronists (who took their name from said politician and you might remember from their appearance on the first ZZK Cumbia Digital compilation). The track is called “Villa Alemana” (German Ville or German Slums, in local slang), and it’s a cumbia/moombahton version of a track by their favorite German band of all times, Kraftwerk. You make the connections.

Kraftwerk – Villa Alemana (Taschenreschner Rework) by The Peronists