Free Download: The Pinker Tones – "24" vs. "Space Truckin'" [MASHUP]

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The Pinker Tones come at us with a mashup anthem of their own version of “24” and “Space Truckin’” by Deep Purple for all you space truckin’ stalwarts out there in TV Land (yeah I know, it’s not supposed to make sense). Incontrovertibly proving that the only way to make Deep Purple more cheese ball than it already is, is with a dance beat. If you think art, fun, shoes, you’s, freedom, reason, silence, music, or future sucks, and more, rats, fear, work, clerks, and guilt also sucks, let’s examine the lyrics they are replacing.

We had no idea what space trucking meant…and still don’t. It’s from the ’70s, is this about drugs or something Mom? I never got Deep Purple and still don’t, but at least The Pinker Tones recognize how much the future is gonna blow if we don’t do something about it. It will blow more than the present we’re in now.

24 vs. Space Truckin’ – FREE DOWNLOAD! by The Pinker Tones