Free Download: The Pinker Tones – "A Volar"

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You kiss someone for the first time and you’re automatically transported through the clouds on an airplane piloted by Capitán Amor. That’s basically the concept behind this new Pinker Tones‘ tune packed with retro samples and none of that indie rocker attitude that dominated their previous album, Modular.

A Volar” flies us all the way back to The Pinker Tones we first fell in love with, the ones of “Sonido Total,” and there’s definitely a conscious intention of recapturing that spirit on this track (the talk about love being an “experiencia estereofónica”) without blatantly redoing their hit.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever experienced that “flying” sensation when sticking your tongue into somebody else’s mouth for the first time or you just felt awkwardness and fear (of doing it wrong, of doing it with the wrong person, of doing it with the sibling of the wrong person), or if you simply were too drunk to remember. “A Volar” will make you feel, albeit momentarily, that all your first kisses were the climax scene of one of those overly-romantic cheesy movies of the ’60s. And that’s exactly the kind of quirky fun we expected from The Pinker Tones. Welcome back!

Download The Pinker Tones’ recent album release Life In Stereo below: