Free Download: The Tablets – "Who Killed the Electric Blanket"

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Brooklyn-based The Tablets make lofi synthesized dreampop for lovers. Lead by Tijuanense darling Liz Godoy, The Tablets return with a new album and a free download to share exclusively for Remezcla readers. “Who Killed the Electric Blanket” is a poetic and bittersweet lyrical soliloquy that announces her sadness and confusion about love.

The Tablets is a one-woman and independent project solely composed by Liz as she is an electronic multi-instrumentalist who did all the programming, arranging, and co-producing, on top of her playing and singing on the record. Many of her songs on the new album highlight her talents, but she also collaborates with production and with other musicians during her live performances. She performs live with a plethora of artists and you can find her playing as a duo or with up to seven musicians from show to show.

The Tablets will be performing at two shows at New York City’s Fashion Week this year. You can check her our at Amacord Vintage Fashion on September 6th, and also during the band’s album release on October 11th at Club Matchless in Brooklyn, New York. And don’t forget to purchase Liz’s full album upon release; stream now on Soundcloud below

Enjoy the lyrically creative and smooth electro synth melodies of “Who Killed the Electric Blanket.”

Who killed the electric blanket? by thetablets