Free Download: Thelematicos' "Me Da Igual" & "Mundo Raro"

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In a second week of highlighting talented Spanish artists, this week’s download features Barcelona’s Thelematicos— a band with a penchant for surrealism and the outlandish. The multitasking sound technician Sergio Pérez García, whose worked with El Guincho, La Bien Querida, Joe Crepúsculo, and other projects from Spanish label Discoteca Oceano, is also behind Thelematicos, telling stories of castles, magicians, and treasures at the other end of a rainbow. With Pérez García as a frontman, the band explores diverse multi-layered sounds, but they keep the tracks simple, and they collaboratively describe the magical world that the band has created, far away from reality.

Me Da Igual” is not a love song but an invitation to embark on a journey, from the enamored protagonist to the object of his affection. Heavy on the acoustic guitar, it still features an extra layer of incantations that takes you into the fantastic world of Thelematicos. At two minutes and 34 seconds it’s the longest track on the album– most of them running for just over a minute– but it successfully represents the band’s style: it’s a dreamy, upbeat song about a journey to the unknown.

Mundo Raro” is a quicker, drum-heavy track– a melodious guitar unwinding after the singer denounces an egocentric friend. It’s a track that requires you to, in true Thelematicos fashion, just go with the story and the enticing, ethereal melodies.

So hop on the Spain bandwagon and download Thelematicos’ “Me Da Igual” and “Mundo Raro” below de GRATIS.