This British Latina Singer is Opening for J Balvin in London

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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J Balvin’s showcasing British Latine talent in his upcoming show in London, United Kingdom. The Colombian pop star invited the emerging independent British Colombiana-Cubana singer-songwriter Sophie Castillo to open for him during his performance at The O2 on June 5. Other openers include DJ Khriz and DJ Kevin Gato.

“I’m so honoured to get the chance to open for such a legendary artist, J Balvin, here in London,” Castillo exclusively told Remezcla over email. “This is a big moment for us UK Latinos and the first time we’ve been given such a huge opportunity like this so I’m really proud and grateful to be representing our community and sharing the stage with such an incredible artist.”

Born in London to a Cuban father and a Colombian mother, Castillo is known for her bilingual music that blends elements of pop, bachata, R&B, and indie sounds. For those who recognize the singer outside of music, it could be for the viral “We’re British Latinos” videos on TikTok. The trend explores British Latinidad across the Atlantic, highlighting their unique Latine experience in the UK.


We’re British Latinos of course we had to do this trend 😂👍 BTW WE EXIST LOL 🥳 who can relate ?👀 what else makes us British latinos ? Let us know in the comment section below ❤️ big shout out to @Sophie Castillo make sure to go follow her 😇 #latinos #latinostiktok #latinosenusa #britishlatino #britishlatino #britishlatina #latinas #uklatinos

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The viral TikTok video, featuring comedian/rapper Patrick Vel and Castillo has garnered over 5.6 million views on the app. The duo joke about how they don’t know why their parents chose the UK over the U.S., how they chismear over a cup of tea, and speak two languages.


Growing up as a Latina in the UK 🫶 hope I managed to explain it well. If anyone has any questions let me know! But essentially, it is a very unique experience and can be lonely but we have a great community here and our parents raised us to be proud of our roots, which is amazing 🫶 #latinostiktok #britishlatina #uklatina #uklatinos #uklatino #uklatin #latinosoftiktok #latinosenlondres #latinx

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Another one of her most popular videos relating to British Latinos’ reality talks about growing up as a British Latina in the UK. In the video, she answers questions from her audience about being in touch with her culture growing up, being raised by a Latine family, and more. She followed it up with a TikTok video about the Latine music scene in the UK, saying how it’s generally welcomed amongst British crowds.

Moreover, she routinely promotes her music on the app, inviting fans of artists like Kali Uchis, Lana Del Rey, and Rosalía to listen to her work. Her most popular tracks include “Call Me By Your Name,” “Ojos Lindos,” and “Solo Tú.” She also recently released her newest EP Venus on Mar. 28.

Check out her latest music video, “Ojos Lindos” below.