This Rapper Turned Down Working with Belinda – Here’s Why

Lead Photo: Photo by Alex Cordova.
Photo by Alex Cordova.
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Following her highly anticipated music comeback, Belinda has been collaborating with different artists within the larger música mexicana universe. However, some joint tracks that were previously teased online will not be released after all. The latest? A potential collaboration with the Mexican rapper, Babo.

While Beli’s collaboration with Natanael Cano was successfully published, there are other songs that have yet to make it out of the studio. Earlier last month, it was revealed that her upcoming collaboration with Marca Registrada was unexpectedly scrapped. The highly-anticipated EDM song was allegedly named “Torai,” but as of now, it will not be released with the singer’s vocals. “We’re going to call this song the orphan jaja,” Marca Registrada’s vocalist Fidel Oswaldo Castro wrote on a TikTok video’s caption. “No Belinda nor Kenia [Os]. This song will come out with only Marca Registrada on it.”

But it looks like that’s not the only collaboration that has been canceled. After Belinda shared Cártel de Santa’s frontman Babo’s music ideas for a joint track in an interview last year, the rapper revealed his feelings toward the singer. “Belinda is Belinda. She says a lot of things, Belinda. So she makes agreements that she doesn’t keep. I don’t like people who are not committed to their word,” he said in an interview with TV Azteca.

He also said that she broke their agreement to keep things discrete and that she spoiled everything by sharing pieces of his songs, which he said could lead to problems in the future when he releases them. “I preferred and opted not to work with her,” he said, clarifying that the upcoming collaboration won’t be seeing the light of day.

Moreover, in March, Babo called Belinda “caprichosa [capricious]” and said that the collaboration didn’t work out due to differences in a separate interview.

Belinda made her musical comeback after signing with Warner Music last year. In January, she released her first single, “Cactus,” which was about her past relationship with Mexican singer Christian Nodal. Although her next collaboration is unconfirmed, she was photographed in a recording studio with Peso Pluma’s cousin and co-writer Tito Doble P earlier this year.